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It's been 20 years!!! Come join us this summer July 3-5 for a weekend of reuniting and celebrating our independence!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

REUNION - June 26 & 27

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Carin (Wells) Lea

I graduated from high school thinking I wanted nothing more than to
become a professional dancer, so naturally I jumped at the first
opportunity that presented itself. For several years I performed on
Cruise ships, in trade shows, and in the theater, traveling in the
Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, and around the US. I attended school in
between contracts and earned my associates degree from Dixie College.
In the process I discovered myself and found life had much more to
offer me.

I decided to serve a mission and was called to Nagoya, Japan. My
Japanese instructor in the MTC was a dynamic, high-spirited Lea Sensei
whose teaching methods were a huge asset to me as I was asked to teach
not only in Japanese, but in Spanish and Portuguese. Eventually, I
did get a chance to thank Lea Sensei. We met on campus at BYU several
months after I returned and were married the following year. Since
that time, Eric and I have both graduated with our Bachelors degrees
from BYU, and he recently completed his MBA at the University of Utah.
We currently live in Las Vegas with our three children, Afton, Eliot,
and Simon. I am expecting another boy in November.

I still love to dance, but I enjoy it as a hobby now, rather than a
profession. I teach jazz at a local studio and offer classes in music
and movement to toddlers. Aside from my children, whom I ADORE, I
find joy in reading, writing, and outdoor physical activity. Eric
began competing in triathlons two years ago and, as usual, his
enthusiasm has rubbed off. The whole family--including my
children--now run, bike, and swim. I completed my first Duathlon in
February. I'm not as smooth an athlete as my husband--fell off my
bike twice--but you can't beat the sense of accomplishment. BTW, you
marathoners are amazing! Few things make me happier than green grass,
a cheery yellow wall, or a sunset on Timp. mountain. Only to be
topped by quality time with my family. I consider myself a pretty
lucky lady.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heather (Henderson) Osmond

After graduating from Provo High school I attended Brigham Young University and met my husband while working at the ZCMI department store. Jared is a Real Estate developer, owns a recording studio and recently returned from a singing tour in Europe. We have been married 13 years and we have four children. Because of my "Never pay Retail" philosophy; I became a Real Estate agent, I own a furniture and Interior Design store and most recently I became a licensed Car Dealer. (I think I have all of the basis covered now!)

I fulfilled a life time dream when I was a contestant on Bob Barker's "Price is Right" show where I won $24,000 in prizes and a car. What a blast!
Also, In 2007-2008 I won the Mrs. Utah pageant and represented Utah at the Mrs. America pageant where I scored in the top 15. What an adventure!

My free time is mostly spent driving 3 daughters to dance, piano and voice lessons and 1 son to basketball, t-ball and soccer lessons and I am loving every minute!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anna (Hedengren) Dunn

Life at PHS with all of you was great, but no offense, it just keeps getting better. Here's what I've been up to.

About three weeks after graduation I hopped over to BYU and got to work. I majored in Botany/Premed and my sophmore year started dating my roommate's younger brother. He left on a mission to Sydney Australia Chinese speaking, six months later I headed off to the Taiwan Taipei mission (also Chinese speaking, and we even had the same MTC teacher which caused me no end of teasing since I was the only sister in my district.) Dell got back, a week later I got back (he likes to say he waited for me) and soon we were engaged. We married in January 99 and I graduated from BYU in 2000. By then Dell was premed too and and I thought one doctor in the family was enough. So instead of heading off to medical schoo I got a job a Nu Skin to help put Dell through school. I was surprised how much I loved my job at Nu Skin; though I guess getting to travel all over Asia made things more fun. I did press conferences all over South East Asia and spent so much time in Kuala Lumpur it feels like a second home. I had a fun fun job. (I even once spoke in front of thousands in a Star Trek costume-- crazy!) Then my husband started medical school in Wisconsin and after a year of commuting every other week back to Provo I decided I'd had enough. But oh the frequent flier miles I accumulated!

We survived 4 years of Wisconsin winters though we loved the cross country skiing, then moved to San Antonio Texas where the winters are much more pleasant. (I'd rather bike than ski.) My husband is in his radiology residency with the Air Force. We have two fabulous kids. Henry 4 and Lizzy 5 months. We love traveling (we've done Europe, Asia, Central America, and plan to take the kids to Europe again this fall. Hopefully Lizzy travels as well as Henry.) I also love reading, exploring, figuring out how to garden in Texas, and home improvement projects.

We are horrible picture takers though and I realized we don't have a single family picture with Lizzy in it. So you'll have to make due with this one of us kayaking in Cabo San Lucus. I'm 5 months pregnant so technically Lizzy is there. There's also me and Henry in Germany and a picture of Lizzy so you know she does exist.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kristina (Hodson) Moore

As soon as I graduated from PHS, I escaped from the boundries of Utah County for the exotic wilds of Salt Lake City. Not very far away, it is true, but it was a completely different world than I had been living in! I attended the University of Utah from 1994 to 1999. I originally planned on doing Pre-Med and becoming a doctor. That plan lasted all of 3 quarters. I was surrounded by seriously OCD people that argued with the professor over 1 missed point on tests and I decided to jump ship. I still wanted to do something science related, but since I was single with no immediate plans to change that status, I also needed a major that would be lucrative after graduation. I majored in Medical Laboratory Science. I loved my program. I could have gone to Medical School after this program and not had to study the whole first year. When I graduated from the U, I entered the workforce as a Medical Technologist working for ARUP Laboratories. There I learned that I REALLY don't want to be a doctor...I want to have a life NOW, not later after all the residency and fellowships and all that stuff would be over. I work with doctors every day, some are my really close friends, but I see their sacrifices and would not trade my life for theirs for all the world!

I met my husband, Nathan Moore, in May, 2002. We married in the Bountiful Temple in April, 2003. We went to England on our honeymoon. I was thrilled! It was the first time I was out of the country for real...I don't count Canada as "out of the country". It was a blast!

We have just been doing normal life things for the last 6 years. We have 3 beautiful children: Evelynn (Evie) is 4, Henry is 2 and Julianna is 9 months. I tried my hand at having my own photography business, which was a ton of fun, but I spent more money than I ever made. I love photography, but the business just didn't fit with my life. Besides travelling to Southern California to visit my parents, we have travelled to Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.

My husband finished his MEd degree in December 2008 and will be doing a PhD in Education Policy and Law starting in 2011, hopefully. After he is done with school I want to go back to school and study fun things like art history, photography, and history.

We now live in Kearns. Our life is pretty normal...busy, busy, busy, but also a ton of fun!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Amberlyn (Weiss) Wood

When I graduated from Provo High I had high hopes of becoming a Elementary School Teacher. Melinda (Olson) Lamont persuaded me to join her at Utah State University. Although I enjoyed my time in Cache Valley tremendously, I found out that a teaching career was not for me. After a year up in Logan I headed home and started attending UVSC while I tried to decide what to do with the rest of my life. I decided to go on a mission. I knew this was expensive so I started working two jobs to try and save up. Then along came Brent Wood. We went on a few dates and he asked me what my plans were. I told him and soon after this conversation he told himself, "She's not going on a mission, she's going to marry me." And I did. We met on Thanksgiving Day and were engaged a week before Christmas. Yes people, that's about 3 weeks. We have been married for 13 years. We now live in Spanish Fork. And to my surprise there aren't too many wranglers or ten gallon hats. We actually love it here. We have 6 children. Jaren (11), Hannah(10), Isabel and Annika (our twins who are 8), Beckham(5), and Grace (16 months). At first I banged out the kids having 4 under the age of 3. I figured I needed a break and took one for about 3 years. I thought I was finsihed having kids but apparently not, along came Grace. I really enjoy being a Mother. Aside from being so busy I have taken the opportunity to travel a little. I've been to Washington D.C. several times to visit my sister and we love Disneyland. I also enjoy taking my half dozen children to museums, parks and canyons. Every where I go I get stares and comments like "Boy, you've got your hands full." Yes, yes I do. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Troy Jensen

After graduating from PHS I served a full time mission in the Massachusetts, Boston Mission. Then I wandered around in Utah County, did a little UVSC and eventually ended up with a Wife and 3 kids. It’s all kind of a blur. Has it really been 15 years? I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up (other than hog nasty rich). I’ll let you know when I get it figured out.

For those that want a more detailed version, Here you go…

Immediately after High School I went to work to save for my mission. I served in the Massachusetts, Boston Mission from Feb. of ’95 to March of 97.

Upon returning home I set out to find a wife and get an education. I enrolled at UVSC and began my generals there as a part time student. I always thought things at that point would fall into place. Well, some things did.

I met my wife Marilee(from northern California) in the Summer of ’98 at a dance for my kid sisters student ward. We were Married in January of ’99. We bought a house shortly thereafter in the same neighborhood I grew up in. We started a family. We have Three kids, Raquel (7), Jared (4), and Tyler (1).

School just didn’t work out for me. I’ve always drummed to the beat of my own drums. I was (and still am) disgusted with how liberal and archaic the modern collegiate system is. I had it beat though. I was getting straight A’s. My interests were in American History, Political Science and Economics. But I realized that even the professors didn’t know what they were talking about with Economics, I didn’t want to work in any of the fields Political Science offered and all you can really do with History is teach (I think I’m still a wee bit opinionated). So I quit school.

As far as my own interest are concerned, I’m a dad now and that’s the most important thing to me. I played in a band for tiny bit, I’ve owned a bunch of classic Mustangs (and won many illegal street races!), and a bunch of other juvenile stuff. For the most part I think I’m past that stage. Well, except for the motorcycle. Ok, and I guess there is one more thing. Sikal. It’s a brutal martial art that is not looked highly upon. Have you seen Bourne Identity (the first one), or the new movie Taken? That stuff is real. Much of what you see in those movies is taken from a Filipino art called Kali. There is also Pencak Silat. Sikal is a combination of the two arts (there are only 8 instructors in the world). That’s what I’m learning. It’s not an art for “sparing”, and it’s not an art for the “casual” martial arts student. You get bruised, and can get hurt in the learning process.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kristy (Snow) Linton

Almost immediately after graduating from PHS I moved in with my newly
divorced, 43 year old boyfriend (I know crazy, right?). I worked at the
Provo Shopko and went to U.V.S.C.
I graduated in 1996 with an Associates degree in Biology. At the time I
was bound and determined to become a doctor. From there I shrugged off
my elderly boyfriend and moved to Salt Lake to follow a guy who I met at
U.V.S.C. I wanted to find out if he was the guy for me. I enrolled at
the University of Utah majoring in Chemistry.

As it turns out he wasn't the guy for me and neither was med school.
While I was majoring in Chemistry I got a job at Zions Bank to help put
myself through college. I really enjoyed working there and eventually
changed my major to Finance. It was a good thing that I did. I met my
wonderful husband, Nick Linton at the University of Utah Business
College in March 1998. We were married the next year! We both
graduated from the U of U in 2000 with our Bachelors degrees in Business
and settled in West Valley City. After several years of trying to have
children we were finally blessed with twin boys in 2002! Alex and
Anthony are now rambunctious 7 year olds that keep me very busy when I'm
not at work.

After 10 years with Zions Bank I left and was hired by Lehman Brothers
Commercial bank in 2007. The very next year Lehman Brothers filed for
bankruptcy becoming the largest casualty of the global credit crisis.
Luckily, the office here in Salt Lake City was not effected too much by
the bankruptcy and we are still going strong having changed our name to
Woodlands Commercial Bank. I am a portfolio manager. I manage the
Commercial Real Estate portfolio for the Bank.

My husband and I enjoy the great outdoors. We've taken the boys to
almost every National Park within Utah. I really love running and if my
knees don't give out I'll run a marathon next year. I have run several
5ks, in fact, I'm running in the Provo Freedom Festival 5k this year
with my sister. Hopefully, I'll see some old friends there :-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Maren (Byrnes) Buchanan

Well, after not officially graduating PHS (not enough credits - I was too focused on my favorite class, Slacker 101), I enrolled at UVSC and took a few random classes there (still loving embracing the inner slacker). I met a cool guy, we dated then got engaged and then unengaged, because in 1996 I decided to serve a mission to (unofficial PHS alum mission) Rome, Italy (including: Kirk Richards, Ryan Heaton, Nate Sadowski, Josh Bingham, Seth Jeppsen, Scott Montaoa, Senor Urish's daughter (Marci) from Dixon, probably more... who knows).

In Italy I met a smoking hot elder from Phoenix Arizona, Jason Buchanan. He came up to Utah to go to school in 1998 coincidentally (? - I think not, he was looking to get a chance at the infamous Sorella Byrnes) about the same time I got home from my mission.

We hung out, he dropped me off at my boyfriends house (remember the cool guy I was engaged to premission) - his patience and perisitence wore me down (or vice versa if he is telling the story) and we were married in the Manti temple 1999. We moved to Arizona 4 months later and have been soaking up the sun ever since.

The Arizona sun did a number on me, and I got seriously interested in school. I got my AA & AGS from a local community college in 2001. Then I became a "SunDevil" at ASU and graduated with my BA in English Lit with a minor in Womens Studies, and Undergrad Writing Certificate in 2004. Currently I'm finishing up my thesis and will have my MA in the fall in English, Rhetoric and Composition. Now, I'm thinking I might have to get serious about my writing and maybe finish one of the books I've started, other then that I would love to teach writing. Along the way - I've done a little teaching, worked as a florist, worked at a hotel, and the last 3 years I've taught preschool and tried to (be a not-so-slacker-mom) raise my 3 kids; Paige (7), James (5), and Baby Abbey (8 months). My smoking hot husband works at the hospital in interventional radiology.

We've been married almost 11 years, have 2 dogs, and a long list of dead pets (rats, fish, ferrets etc. - not so good in keeping smaller things alive). We still live in AZ. We go to Disneyland at least 3 or 4 times a year (only 5 hours away & cheap rates at Marriott - you can say no to that). We love visiting Utah & camping with my family every summer. I've become obsessed with sewing and try to sew whenever I get a chance. Me & a few friends created a sewing club and blog about it online (which is actually what I wrote my thesis on). What can I say other then life is crazy, I take on way too much but I'm enjoying the ride.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Amber (Benally) Pew

After High school i went to BYU and that's where i met my husband of course lol So i got married young in August of '96. My husband was in the military so we left Utah in '99 and lived near Seattle, WA which is where he grew up. I loved it there except for the rain that would never seem to stop sometimes lol We finally had our first child there in 2001 and moved back to utah in 2002. He graduated from the University of washington while there and we came back to utah where he got his MPA at BYU.

I did not finish my schooling at BYU but promise i will go back and get my degree. i have 2 1/2 yrs done. So now we are back in good old utah. Bought a house in Lehi about a yr and a half ago and we like it here.

We have 2 kids. My son, Tyler is 8 and my daughter Jordan is 5. I stay at home and take care of the kids and I coach volleyball at Provo High, of course. Wendy Bills is still there and i have been helping her for probably the past 10 yrs on and off. I still love to play volleyball and softball. And with having 4 sisters it makes it easy to put together teams. We are reining champs in all the leagues and tournaments around here ha ha jk but we do well and do win quite often. We try to make it to a tournament in Moab every spring. I also still enjoying cheering on the BYU cougars in any sport. We get season football tickets every year!

We love to make trips to disneyland, Seattle, and New mexico. We try to make it to disneyland every year. My husband and I have always enjoyed doing that even before we had kids. Our first trip together before we dated was to Disneyland so it was meant to be lol

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jared Jones

I moved away from Utah Valley in December of 99 and took a job at a Public Relations agency in New York City. I lived there for 4.5 years and met my wife, Cathie Tingey (from Oregon--no not a bulldog) at a singles ward in Manhattan. We were married in January of 2003 in Portland, Oregon. My wife graduated from Med School in 2004 and we then moved to Boston so she could do her anesthesiology residency at Brigham and Women's hospital. While I was there I went back to school and got my MBA from Boston College and dis a summer internship in marketing at Burger King Corporation (I actually did get to flip a few burgers). After I graduated in the spring of 2006 I got a job as a brand manager at Hasbro. I did consumer marketing for the Transformers toy brand. I helped launch the toys for the first movie in 2007. in the fall of 2008 we relocated to San Antonio so my wife could pay back time she owed the Air Force (they paid for her medical school. I recently found a job and am now in charge of marketing for the University Center (think Wilkinson Center) at the University of Texas at San Antonio. My wife and I have one little girl--Lillian Alice Jones--who will be 3 in September.

These pictures are of us visiting Chicago. Another is on the Mayflower II in Plymouth, Mass. Another is some random church day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Michelle (Teeter) Powell

I went to BYU and graduated in Elementary Education in 1998. I taught 3rd & 4th grades at Timpanogos Elementary in Provo from 1997-2002. It was fun to teach at the school I went to growing up. I met my husband, Christopher from Ohio, while at BYU and we were married April 26, 1997. We moved to American Fork, Utah before it got so busy. In 1999 I started my own business with Mary Kay Cosmetics, earned a free red GrandAm with them, and am currently a consultant. After years of trying to have children, we finally adopted our first little boy,Spencer, in 2004 from California. 3 1/2 years later, in November 2007, we adopted our little girl, Josephine, from Ohio. They are now almost 5 years and 18 months. They are the joy of my life. I am able to stay home with them and love it (most of the time)!

I am an avid scuba diver (however it has taken a back seat now that we have children) and we love to travel. We did that a lot before having children to pass the time, now we take them along with us, and travel completely different than we used to! I love to read books and have a stack of "to reads" next to my bed. I also love to scrapbook and make handmade cards. Life is excellent!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dave Barry

I went on a mission to Chile from '95 - '97, got married in '98 to Emilee Jorden from Billings, MT. Met her in orchestra class up @ Ricks College. From there we went on to BYU for a couple of years, then on to Dental School in Portland, OR, then did a dental residency in Oklahoma City. I finished that in 2006 and have been practicing here in Orem for the past 3 years with my dad. I am a general dentist.

Over the past 11 years we have had 5 beautiful kids: Leah (10), Tyler (8), Michael (6), Ellie (4), & Camryn (she will be 9 mos. @ the time of the reunion). My family brings me more joy than anything else except for the gospel and the Atonement of our Savior. Families are truly God's gift to us.

We plan on staying here for the rest of our lives. We love it here. After living outside of Utah for 6 years we decided that there's no place like home. What a beautiful place to live!

Some of my hobbies include reading, spending time with Em and our kids, and all the sports related to triathlons. I have been doing triathlons since I finished dental school and have loved them. It gives me a good variety of sports to train for at the same time. It helps me stay in shape and stay excited about it. I plan on doing a few this summer.

What's the most interesting thing I've done since graduating from High School? Well, a mission, starting a family, finishing an education, but most everybody has done those things. What else . . . ? I grew a chest hair that was about 6 inches long and so thin it could barely be seen . . . when my shirt was off it would just float in the breeze. No joke. I really did.

Then it fell off.

Sad day.

My chest has been a barren and lonely place since then.